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Who are we?

CoLearnerr student learning

Colearnerr Educational Services LLP is an Online Training Institute, that focuses on aiding individuals of all age groups to tackle and enhance their understanding of English as a language and its intricacies of speaking, writing, listening & Reading. We ensure that you use English as a tool to embellish your personality and employability skills. 

We provide customized courses, designed by adept industry experts to provide practical knowledge and an enriching learning experience.

Why us?

Customised Courses

We provide you with the power to customize the course according to your requirements. Our trainers help you set your goals and the pace at which you would like to learn. 

Personal Training

Each individual enrolling for our course is provided with a personal trainer who ensures that your goals are achieved. Our trainers are available round the clock to aid you in your learning process.

Practical Exposure

Our courses are designed to provide hands-on experience and practical learning through exposure, activities, and tasks that match real-world scenarios. The focus lies in the achievement of desired results and not cramming mere answers.

We provide live sessions as a part of all courses, where you learn while others support you in achieving your targets and celebrate your victories.

With the world going digital, we use readily available and user-friendly platforms to help you access the course you need. 

Live Sessions

Convenience of Platform

Skilled Trainers

Our team is adept in the domain of your learning and shall guide and mentor you utilizing the skills, knowledge, and experience at hand. 

Economical Cost

Our courses are designed to be feasible and economical for people from all walks of life. 

Lakshana, MBA

"I used to be a beginner in English, but after joining the CoLearnerr, I feel that my level of English has increased a lot. I am able to participate in discussions and I can understand the ideas of other members and help them. The CoLearnerr community is very helpful, friendly and easy to use.

Ayushi Sharma, MBA

"CoLearnerr was very helpful in learning the basics of English. It helped me understand how to write easy sentences and also to speak fluently in English. I recommend it to anyone who is willing to learn English or wants to improve their grammar, writing and speaking skills .

Harshith Reddy, Architect 

"I have to admit that I am very satisfied with the CoLearnerr course. The course is well designed and very helpful to learn a language. I'm glad that I found this course because it is affordable and useful. I totally recommend!


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