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CoLearnerr Programs


Through this course, we lay the foundation stones for perfecting your language, providing fundamentals and the trims required to upscale your level of understanding and speaking English.

Duration of the Course: 3 Months

Topics Covered: 

  • Phonetics

  • Fundamentals of Grammar

  • Polishing of Pronunciation & Accent Training

  • Building of Vocabulary

  • Rules of Spoken English and its application

English is the language of communication with the world. Take up this course, to enhance your proficiency in the English Language, with a personality that beams of great self-confidence and impactful image that makes you a perfect fit for your dream job.

Duration of the Course: 3 Months

Topics Covered:

  • Strengthening of Grammatical Foundation

  • Phonetics, Pronunciation & Accent Training

  • Building of Vocabulary

  • Resume Building

  • E-mail Writing

  • Corporate Étiquettes

  • Interview Skills

  • Presentation Skills

  • Leadership Skills etc

  • Image Consultation & Body Language

  • Confidence Building

Possessing effective public speaking skills can help in career advancement, helps in creativity, critical thinking skills, leadership abilities, poise, and professionalism. Speaking at events and conferences is a good way of building your credibility.

A good speaker has an inevitable talent to impress the audience. The course aims to make you skilled orators who possess the strength of attracting attention through their art of public speaking.

Duration of the Course: 2 Months

Topics Covered:

  • Topics Covered:

  • Basics of Public Speaking

  • Forms of Public Speaking

  • Knowing and forming different Speeches

  • Presentation Skills Enhancement

  • Art of Audience Engagement 

  • Clear Articulation

  • Knack of Storytelling

  • Art of Body Language

  • Confidence Boosting and Elimination of Stage Fright.

"For The Lazy Ones (FTLO)" Programs

A well-structured resume will help you highlight your skills and experience as potential recruiters and organizations. Did you know, Recruiters take just 6 seconds to select or reject a resume?. 

Contact our experts and build a resume that opens the door to new possibilities. 


Set your goals with experts: Setting SMART Goals helps you self-reflect and analyze your shortcomings. It also provides you a window to increase your knowledge level and productivity while you create and work on changes you want. 

Reach out to our experts to self-reflect, know your areas of improvement, create realistic goals and set periodic timelines.


Short Courses designed to inculcate selected skills in a short period. 


Courses are available on a weekly basis.


Crash Courses we provide:

  • Pronunciation & Accent training

  • Email- Writing

  • Etiquettes

  • Interview Training

  • Presentation Skills

  • Image Consultation & Grooming

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