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Spoken English

Spoken English for Kids

CoLearnerr provides a comprehensive spoken English course for children, curated to enhance their communication skills and bolster their self-assurance. Our proficient instructors employ interactive and captivating techniques to help children master fluency and precision in English, all while enjoying the learning process. By prioritizing pragmatic communication, our course equips kids with the tools to navigate real-world situations and thrive academically and socially.

What is this course about?

  • CoLearnerr's spoken English course is designed to help children improve their communication skills and boost their confidence when speaking English.

  • The course focuses on building fluency and accuracy in spoken English through engaging and interactive lessons.

  • Kids will learn practical communication skills that will prepare them for real-world situations in academic and social settings.

  • The course is led by experienced instructors who use a variety of teaching methods to ensure that every child's learning style is catered to.

  • The curriculum is designed to be fun and engaging, with activities and exercises that are age-appropriate and interesting for children.

  • Kids will have the opportunity to practice their English skills with their peers, giving them the chance to apply what they've learned in a supportive and encouraging environment.

What will the student learn?

After completing CoLearnerr's spoken English course for kids, students can expect to:

  • Communicate with greater fluency and accuracy in English.

  • Build their confidence and self-assurance when speaking English.

  • Understand and use a wider range of vocabulary and expressions.

  • Develop their listening and speaking skills, including pronunciation, intonation, and rhythm.

  • Learn practical communication skills that will prepare them for real-world situations, such as conversations with friends, interviews, and presentations.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of English grammar and sentence structure.

  • Use English more confidently and accurately in academic and social settings.

Topics covered 

Each topic is covered in detail, with a focus on building practical communication skills that kids can use in real-life situations. The classes are interactive and engaging, with a variety of activities and exercises designed to help kids learn and have fun at the same time.

  • Greetings and Introductions

  • Talking about Family and Friends

  • Describing People and Things

  • Talking about Likes and Dislikes

  • Making Plans and Invitations

  • Talking about Hobbies and Interests

  • Discussing Food and Restaurants

  • Talking about Sports and Games

  • Giving Directions and Describing Places

  • Talking about Travel and Holidays

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